Lindsey Martin-Bowen



Kansas native, Lindsey has taught writing, literature, cultural studies and Criminal Law, having both MA in English (creative writing) and Juris Doctor degrees. Also, she was once a full-time newspaper reporter for The Louisville Times. 
   She is the author of over ten books including six collections of poetry. Her novella, Cicada Grove won the Grand Prize in the 1987 Barbara Storck Creative Writing Contest. Her book, CROSSING KANSAS with Jim Morrison, won the Kansas Writers Association award “Looks Like a Million.” Inside Virgil’s Garage was a runner-up for the Nelson Poetry Book Award, includes a Pushcart Prize nominated poem. Her Standing on the Edge of the World was one of the Ten Top Poetry Books of 2008.
   Her poems appear in New Letters, I-70 Review, Thorny Locust, Tittynope Zine, Coal City Review, Amethyst Arsenic, Silver Birch Press, Flint Hills Review, Bare Root Review, The Same, Phantom Drift, Porter Gulch Review, Rockhurst Review, 21 anthologies. Her most recent work, The Book of Frenzies, was published in June, 2022.