Shavaun Scott



havaun Scott is a psychotherapist in both California and Oregon. In her 30-year career she has assisted thousands of clients, many who have been victims or perpetrators of violent crime.  Shavaun is passionate about the healing power of heart-to-heart connections and the power of narratives to bring growth and change. She enjoys sharing stories of unconventional paths and uncommon bravery.

     Her new memoir, Nightbird, is forthcoming with Pierian Springs Press early Spring of 2025.

      Her Books Include:

  • The Forgotten Survivors of Gun Violence: Wounded (Routledge, 2023)
  • The Minds of Mass Killers: Understanding and Interrupting the Pathway to Violence (McFarland, 2021)
  • Game Addiction: The Experience and the Effects (McFarland 2009)