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n Paul Hetherington’s Sleeplessness, two lovers traverse a landscape—at once tangible and metaphoric—of insomnia, intimacy, desire, and language … Spanning cultures, eras, and mythologies, Hetherington’s striking images crackle with electricity, offering shocks of recognition … We are passengers on this boat of dreams … recognizing ourselves in the landscape, its powerful and arduous love of betweenness.

          —Kristin Sanders, Author of Cuntry and Orthorexia
Paul Hetherington has created in Sleeplessness a travelogue of waking dreams, touring the meanders of the body and of the mind … Well known for his prose poetry, in this collection … the poems travel far and wide, mapping the night as though it were one of Calvino’s invisible cities. Rich in allusion (Tale of Genji, The Pillow Book, Bashō) … Sleeplessness entices the reader to risk traversing the dark in order to partake of its mysteries.