The Circle


his is an anthology of contemporary, original poems and poems in translation from Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Marathi, Persian, French, Spanish, Latin and polyglot experiments in Japanese and Turkish, all are present and celebrating human verbal creativity, in all its modes, as is the theme, this year, of The Circle. All those belonging to this global poetry circle have each been on both a personal and collective journey of self-discovery, sometimes in words and sometimes in the long silences in-between, but always with authentic self-expression.
    This anthology is the poetic tapestry of a wide flung collective of poets, individually and together, embracing the idea of the unity of The Circle, to deliver poems to new readers and listeners that bring them a measure of what we each have found, by writing poems that touch us every given day. It is with this intention, of joy and discovery and wonderment at the world, that we offer ourselves up to our unknown, unseen readers.