Dr. Jyoti Bachani



r. Jyoti Bachani is a poetry lover who has translated over 120 Hindi poems to English, edited three poetry anthologies, and a special poetry issue of Journal of Organizational Aesthetics. She has read at the Cupertino Poet Laureate events, the San Francisco Lit Quake, London Poet’s Church, the San Jose Art and Mosaic America festivals, and half a dozen annual Academy of Management conferences in the US and India.
    From 2020-2022, she curated a poetry column for India Currents, a Silicon Valley based arts and culture magazine, and also wrote numerous articles about poetry as it relates to current events. She is the founder of Poetry of Diaspora in Silicon Valley, a poetry incubator, and hosts regular poetry circles in her home and community, to spread the love of poetry. Her day job is as a full professor at Saint Mary’s College of California, where she professes how to use the arts to humanize organizations. She enjoyed being a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar, a decade ago.
   Dr. Bachani is a member of The American Literary Translators Association.